Passing the value from Lightning component to client side controller

Today I got a requirement. Which is interesting to me. I hope it will be same for you all. Requirement is need to show the list of records(eg. Account) once the user click the record need to pass the account id to the client side controller and we need to do some operation on that record. In this blog I am going to explain how we pass the value from the component to client side controller.

Below is the part of my  lightning component page where I am passing the value to client side controller.

Valdating a lead field while converting

I recently came across a scenario where a client wants to ensure that certain fields in lead should have a value before it is converted.

So let's dive into it...

Use case:

While converting a lead phone should have been entered.


There is checkbox in lead object which says either the lead is converted or not. So we will use this field for our solution. 

The field api name is IsConverted.

Go ahead and create a validation rule which has the following error condition formula.

Enabling login as any user in salesforce

As developer or Admin when developing complex stuff, configuring the security model, debugging user support.

We should able to login as another user in Salesforce which will make sure that user only have access to what we have actually configured or the security model is correct.

In order to enable this feature 

Go to Setup -->  Security controls --> Login Access policies

Process Builder Introduction

In this post and the upcoming series of this post I am going explain deep dive of the Process builder. So, subscribe the ForceWizard for the regular update. The process builder is the next generation of workflow tool introduced in Spring'15. Let go through the basic concept. 

What is Process builder

Its helps you to automate your businesses process like sending an email, Crating a task, updating the records etc. and also you can view the visual representation of your process.

Navigating to different Lightning component

I hope you all had a wonderful Republic day celebration. As you all know one year back Salesforce introduced new way of developing mobile app with lightning component framework. First let me explain what is lightning component framework. The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing a dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices and It’s a modern framework for building single-page applications. In this blog I am going to explain the client side controller method of navigating from one component to another component. Let gets started.


Rollup summary using Process builder and Flow

Rollup summary field is an interesting custom field data type in salesforce. This will work when two objects have Master-Detail relationship but not for lookup relationship. Here I am going to explain a way to have rollup for lookup relationship.

Use case:

Rollup summary fields for lookup relationship.


Using Flow and Process Builder we can do Rollup summary fields (Sum,Count,Max,Min) on object which is parent of lookup relationship.

About Apex Sharing Reason

Apex sharing reason is used to identify, why the record are shared with the user. If a developer is doing any operation on that record sharing then he can able identify in which sharing records he needs to do the operation. Its especially for managing a record sharing through apex code.Lets go through this with some example.

Records level access:

Sharing a record through Apex code

In platform there are different level to control the access of the data. In this blog I will explain you how extend the records access(Sharing the record) to users or group through apex code.

1. Create an object called 'Expense' with all the default settings.

2. Create a custom object tab for Expense object.

3. Make the 'Expense' object as private in the security control under the setup area.