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I have been working for last 5 years as a Salesforce Developer and currently as a Technical lead in my current project. I have trained and Certified on Custom application development, Configuration, Packaging & release management, client support and product Trainer. I would like to describe myself as a person experience with different area, a lot of integrity and willingness to learn new things and support my team member.


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Solution for: System.TypeException: Cannot have more than 10 chunks in a single operation.

Hi All,

Assume that you have hybrid list of SObject.Which means many sobject records(Account,Contact,Lead etc) in single List.When you try to perform a DML operation on this list you will encounter the following error.

System.TypeException: Cannot have more than 10 chunks in a single operation.

As all we know Salesforce platform runs everything(Soql,DML and CPU time etc) based on governor limit.The same is applying in this hybrid list.

Tips for ANT deployment in Salesforce

The Migration Tool is a Java/Ant-based command-line utility for moving metadata between a local directory and a Salesforce organization. Hope many of them using this tool for the deployment.In this post I am not going to explain how to install and configure the tool.To know more about installation and configuration please click here. If you are using this tool below are the some tips which will help you in your deployment.


Bangalore-Namma Lightning Week March 2015

Last week on 14/03/2015, I went to Bangalore developer meetup called Namma Lightning Week, with my colleague Monish. We reached Tavant technologies at 1.30 PM half an hour before the event starts. The event was hosted in Tavant. The event got 500+ registration and 350+ attendees.First time on the registration the developer group was using a registration app.That app was developed by Tavant So, thanks.

Useful Chrome extension for Salesforce

Today when I am working on platform I got really very bored.Its took much of my time to click this and that to reach particular option.But as a admin or developer they want to use many thing in regular basis.They can't waste more time to reach the option(Even I don't want),So I started searching for some extension and I found many extension in Chrome.Those are really very useful and I am sharing with all of you.

Finding out JavaScript error on Visualforce page

 Hi All, In this post I am going to explain you all how we can able to find out the JavaScript code error which we written on visulforce page.we may use different JavaScript methods or codes for different functionality in visualforce page, while saving that visualforce page we will get only compiler error on apex tag but not on JavaScript code or other codes which we used on the pages.

To give demo I have created the page called 'JavaScriptErrorDemo' .

Below is the page:

Understanding Trigger Context Variable

When I started my carrier as Salesforce developer.when I wrote my first trigger code, I always use to hear "first understand and Trigger.old"(Trigger context variable) from senior colleague in my team. Then I started searching for what, trigger.old and other context variable will return in trigger, whether there is any practical experiment for this, but I didn't get any. 

This is only one Salesforce site helped me to understand theoretically.

Dynamically querying fields by passing object name dynamically

 First you need to know why this topic, as a developer I got tension when I developing an application.In controller mostly we use fields API while querying the fields from

objects till now I used the SOQl query [select Name, CreatedDate, pincode__c from Object] like this it will work fine.

But the problem here it is, if I want to change the properties of the custom fields or delete the custom fields Salesforce will through the custom field validation error like the field is reference this apex class and page etc mostly classes.