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I have been working for last 5 years as a Salesforce Developer and currently as a Technical lead in my current project. I have trained and Certified on Custom application development, Configuration, Packaging & release management, client support and product Trainer. I would like to describe myself as a person experience with different area, a lot of integrity and willingness to learn new things and support my team member.


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Salesforce Winter 16 – some highlighted features

Hi , Lets took at what salesforce have improved in winter 16 release. Here I will give you guys a sneak about the new features and changes in winter 16.

1. Lightning Experience A New, Modern, Intelligent User Experience

Welcome to Lightning Experience, the new, fast, beautiful user experience from Salesforce. With a sales-centric mindset, our initial release focuses on reinventing the desktop environment to better support your sales process

Enabling new salesforce Lightning experience

Welcome to new world of Lightning! Hope you all are aware that from Winter'16, Salesforce introduced new UI(User interface) and UX(User experience) for platform which is lightning experience(Beta version). This future is completely with your control. If you want you can enable the lightning experience or you can use the Saleforce standard UI which 'Salesforce classic'.

Now you might have question,how to enable this future? To enable the lightning experience follow the below steps.
1. Go Setup.
2. Click on 'Lightning Experience' from setup menu.

Automating Approval process with Apex trigger

Lets take a sample requirement 'I want to submit an Opportunity record to Salesforce approval process when opportunity Amount is greater than one lakh'. Before writing the Trigger you first you should create a 'Salesforce Approval Process' and the process should have matching criteria(Greater than 1 lakh). To create a approval process go through this link.

Apex Exception Email to defined user

Apex Exception Email is going to, or released in winter 16 according to time you are reading this post.

What is Apex Exception Email:
    Before winter'16 when an Apex code encounters unhandled exception it sends the exception email to LastmodifiedBy user email address of the class or trigger.But now we can specify which user should receive the exception email.

Redirecting to standard New,Edit,View and clone without removing override

Hi All,

I hope this post will save some time for Developers and Admins . The title may sound complex but its as simple as eating a chocolate. Most of the Salesforce geekys know Salesforce actions like creating new record,editing a record and cloning etc are based on URL and component Id.

Lets take Account object. I have to overrode the account view with 'AccountView' visualforce page.

Salesforce Developer Certification changes

As you recently heard, Salesforce University is introducing three new certifications designed to help you make the most of the newest technology innovations on the Salesforce1 Platform. Those are

  1.    Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder.
  2.    Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I and
  3.    Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II.


Transition Exam prerequisite

What if I am 401 certified ?

Maximum size of List,Set,Map and String

Hope all are waiting for our Independence day celebration(For Indian's)

Today I got a new topic. I know its a small one. But I hope every body searched for this. Lets go through in deep. Apex has primitive data types. Those are Blob,Boolean,Date,Double,String etc. Each has their own property and limit. Example Boolean is 0 or 1, Double has minimum value of -2^63 and maximum value of 2^63. Apart from primitive type Apex has collections called List,Set and Map. While do operation on collection of records we will use this Apex collections.