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Hello Reader , 

I am a certified developer working in different aspects of platform. I have more than a year experience in salesforce. 

Newly started  blogger

 Working in salesforce has been a great challenge and a good platform for learning. 

If you are new to salesforce, you may find it difficult due to the limits  on the platform but you will like it soon ;)  since there is a common saying if there are no limits there is nothing to challenge 

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Implementing Email To Lead Functionality In Simple Way

Greeting Reader smiley ,

Like mentioned in title, I would be posting about configuting Email to Lead service in Salesforce. 

There are number of tools in AppExchange which can do this, but why use apps when we can do this ourselfenlightened

For the people, who do not know what is Email To Lead Service, below is the quick description to get started.

URL Hack - Prepopulate Lookup Fields From Parent Data

Greetings Reader, laugh

In this post I will show you how to pre-populate data from the parent record when a child record is created from the related list. Some Geeky people may have already know this, but this is for Newbie people in Salesforce. So, Let's Started.

I will break the work into following parts:

1. Creating Field on Child Object.

2. Creating a Custom List Button.

3. Adding Custom Button  to the Parent Page Layout Related List.