Valdating a lead field while converting

I recently came across a scenario where a client wants to ensure that certain fields in lead should have a value before it is converted.

So let's dive into it...

Use case:

While converting a lead phone should have been entered.


There is checkbox in lead object which says either the lead is converted or not. So we will use this field for our solution. 

The field api name is IsConverted.

Go ahead and create a validation rule which has the following error condition formula.

IsConverted  &&  ISBLANK( Phone )

Enter a message which tells the user that the phone field should be mandatory before converting a field.

Phone cannot be blank.

Ok we are done lets test.


Open lead tab and create a lead without entering phone value.

So your lead will look something like this.


Now go ahead and convert the lead.

While converting you will get an error message like this.

Have a great day laugh

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