Standard fields (system fields) in custom object

In Salesforce Custom object plays a major role in Salesforce based applications.

We can say it is the root of customization in Salesforce which enables you achieve your custom business needs.

But the question here is what are fields Salesforce creates when we create a custom object which helps in tracking the information like who modified it last ,  owner info , last edited date etc...

while creating a custom object Salesforce asks for whether we want a auto number field or name, Which creates the field with API name  

The following are the fields which will be created by Salesforce in a custom object.

No API Name Description
1 ID The unique id of the record.
2 Name  Auto number or the text field.
3 CreatedById The user id who created the record (Owner Id).
4 CreatedDate The date at which the record is created by owner.
5 LastModifiedById The user id who has update the record.
6 LastModifiedDate The date at which the record is updated.
7 SystemModstamp Date and time when this record was last modified by a user or by an automated process (such as a trigger). SystemModstamp fields have Defaulted on create and Filter access.
8 IsDeleted Boolean field which denotes whether the record is deleted or not (moved to recycle bin).
9 Currency If multi currency is enabled.
10 Division Division to which the custom object record belongs. Custom objects that are “detail” objects in a master-detail relationship inherit their division from the master object. Custom objects that are not related to other records are automatically in the global division. Available only in organizations that use divisions to segment their data.
11 RecordType RecordType to which the record belongs.















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