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I have an immense joy to let the world know that I have successfully completed my Salesforce platform developer 1 certification.

I will share my preparation and the test experience for this certification.

Hope this will be useful for those who are preparing for this certification.


Cover all the topics in the study guide.

Get the study guide in this link.

The topics in the guide are.

  1. Capabilities of the declarative process automation features
    1. Workflows
    2. Formula field
    3. Rollup summary
    4. Relationships
    5. Process builder
    • Get to know all the concepts and use cases for these features. Compare them and check which is suitable for a specific use case.
    • Eg: In order to update all the child records we should use process builder. Callouts are good to be made via workflow.
    • For relationships  compare the record access between them.
  2. Schema methods (programmatically access and utilize the object schema).
    1. Have a look into all schema methods. It will be so tedious at first, but you will get used to it as you practice.
    2. Search for these use cases
      1. Access all the fields of an object.
      2. Access values in pick list.
      3. Does the running user have access to the record
  3. SOSL, SOQL, and DML statements
    1. Look for the limits of these statements per apex transition.
  4. Apex, constants, interfaces
    1. There is a chapter in apex reference guide for this topic. Go through the whole topic for better understanding.
    2. Go through custom settings also.
  5. Apex transactions, the save execution order, and the potential for recursion and/or cascading.
    1. Go through the order of execution in apex.
  6. Exception handling in Apex.
    1. There is a chapter in apex reference guide for this topic. Go through the whole topic for better understanding.
  7. How to use standard Visualforce controllers vs. Apex custom controllers and controller extensions.
    1. Study the different requirements which you can achieve via these things.
    2. Be through in where you should go for the specific controller instead of other controller and extension.
    3. Get to know what standard controller and standard set controller can achieve.
  8. Types of web content that can be incorporated into Visualforce pages
    1. Be familiar with static resources and what are the static resources you can use in your VF.
    2. How to include external scripts and resources?
  9. Capabilities and security implications of the Developer Console, Workbench, and IDE.
    1. In this topic you want to know which tool you should use for an use case like deploying code, Running test methods, Migrating from one org to another, REST api calls etc...
    2. Be familiar with the tabs and its content in bottom of the developer console like logs, tests, Check points, etc...
  10. Different processes for deploying metadata and business data.
    1. Be familiar with difference between metadata and business data.
    2. How can you move these across different development environments?
  11. Different environments are used in the development and deployment process.
    1. Go through the development life cycle guide of salesforce.
    2. Download the guide from this link.

Hands on knowledge is recommended for these topics. 

It took 4 days to go through these topics and a couple of days to go through my notes to increase my confidence.

I recommend you to take notes for later reference. Going through the documentation will waste time if you forget some topic. And if you have some working experience in these topics its easy for you to prepare.


If you taken some certification before you will be familiar with the test environment. But for the first timer I recommend to follow these guidelines (Its available in office doc itself)


  • 60 multiple-choice questions
  • 105 minutes allotted to complete the exam
  • 68% is the passing score
  • Registration fee is USD 200
  • Retake fee is USD 100
  • No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam
  • No prerequisites

Allocate 90 sec for each questions. You will have the extra 15 minutes to verify your questions. But you wont need the whole time to complete the test for me it took around 30 minutes. So worrying about time is least priority.

While answering the question if you are not confident about the answer, you can mark review later in check box for later prior to ending your test.

Most of the questions are scenario based so as said above; you must know how and where to apply the concepts you have learnt.

Good luck for those who are taking this exam !

Note: While creating Web Assessor account , you should associate it with your personal email because its where your certification and remainder mails will be sent. Ideally, this  will help you when you switch companies so your Web Assessor account  will not get locked in your older company email id.

Reference links:

Have a Good Day ahead guys. :) laughyes


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