Certified Developer (401)


A week of intensive preparation got over and Finally I am a Certified Developer (401)

Hi folks, today (Feb 8th 2015) i got certified as Certified Developer (401) . I love to share my experience about this exam. People who are interested in taking this certification can consider the following instructions before taking the exam.

Preparation :

Get good knowledge about the concepts in fundamentals ( Please consider studying via online version because PDF version may get outdated and Salesforce releases three times per year). Fundamentals link.

Understand the security implementation guide.(You will get the guide in the first link itself on Google search).

It's not about getting to know the concepts in those references; but you have to get good knowledge about applying those concepts for a real time scenario.

It's always good to get your hands dirty while learning, so workout all the concepts in a Developer org.

After you completed the above preparation, you can verify that you have covered all the concepts by verifying the study guide in the below link . Salesforce has provided all the topics from which the questions are asked including the weightage of those concepts.

After you completed above two Guides, take Dumps; it will help you to rate yourself. You can search for 'salesforce 401 dumps' where you will get a plenty of questions online.

Don't try to read all the limitation numbers in salesforce there will no questions based on limitations but its good to know the basics stuff like number of relations allowed , max number fields in a custom object , etc...

Exam Tips:

60 multiple choice questions and 90 minutes are allocated for whole test.

68% is the passing score.

You can allocate about 90 seconds per question but believe me Guys 90 seconds is a lot of time per question. You will have plenty of time to complete the exam so time is not a consideration. I took around 30 to 40 minutes to complete the exam.

While answering the question if you are not confident about the answer you can mark review later in check box for later prior to ending your test.

Most of the questions are scenario based so as said above; you must know how and where to apply the concepts you have learnt.

Good luck for those who are taking this exam !

Note: While creating Web Assessor account , you should associate it with your personal email because its where your certification and remainder mails will be sent. Ideally, this  will help you when you switch companies so your Web Assessor account  will not get locked in your older company email id.

I would like to blog about the things learnt in Salesforce . Am wanting to blog a post per week starting from Basic concepts of Salesforce. Will try my best to keep up my wish and hoping that these will help few of my readers !!!

Have a Good Day ahead guys. :)

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