Salesforce Summer 16 – some highlighted features

Hi , I know its late but, I have to post this. Lets took at what Salesforce have improved in Summer 16 release. Here I will give you guys a sneak about the new features and changes in Summer 16.

Salesforce Edition:

Salesforce now offer orgs in four edition:

  1. Optimized Professional
  2. Enterprise
  3. Unlimited and
  4. Developer

All this optimized edition are available in both Classic & Lightning. For more details of Salesforce pricing and edition click here

Lightning Experience:

Core Sales:

Associate a contact with multiple Account

Now you can able to relate a contact with multiple account. For more details please go through this in release notes. I will explain this feature in my next blog.

Adding a Opportunity team & Default Opportunity team:

Now you can add a Opportunity team & Default Opportunity team in from Lightning experience but before summer 16 you have to switch back classic.

Customize home for different profile:

In the lightning home page if you click 'Edit page' on the top right corner. The Lightning app builder will open from there you can modify the home page component and click save. After you save the page click 'Activate' and the page will open from there you can assign different home page to different profile as well you can set default page.

User send email through Gmail or Office 365:

Once user connected the Gmail or Office 365 then any email sent from Salesforce go through Gmail or Office 365. That means recipient see email come from your user address and not from salesforce address.

Reports & Dashboards:

Export Report as files in Lightning experience

You can now export the report as files from Lightning experience without leaving the Lightning experience.

Collaborate with others on Report & Dashboard Feeds in Lightning experience:

Feeds are now available on Reports & Dashboards


View child Assets and Maintenance history:

Two new related list on asset page give you an accessible view on asset's child and linked work item.

Respond even faster to customer with Type Ahead:

When agent enters few letter of a person's name or email address type Ahead automatically suggests matching names and addresses just as in Gmail.

Search for people based on Address and Title:

It is easier to mare specific relevant results for the people you are looking for.

Debug log enhancement:

There are several enhancement on the debug log those are as follows.

1. Manage logging more easily on Debug Level page.

2. View Time Zone in Debug log.

3. View visualforce controller exception in debug logs.


Add your App pages to Lightning experience:

Give your users easy access to the objects and items that are most important in your custom app by activating it for Lightning experience.

Process can execute Actions on more than one criteria:

Now you can choose what happens after your process execute a specific action group. Should the process stop or should it continoue evaluating the next criteria in the process.

Picklist administration:

Now you can manage the picklist easy I will explain this in detail in our next blog.

Control which users immediately switch when Lightning experience is enabled:

Before enabling Lightning experience you need the power to decide who gets immediately switched to the new interface. Below is the image from the Lightning page where you can set the user.

Save time by Cloning Sandboxes(Pilot):

You can now create a sandbox by cloning an existing sandbox rather than using your production org as your source.

To clone the sandbox, from setup Sandboxes in the quick find box then select Sandboxes -->New Sandbox from the create drop down menu select the name of the sandbox to clone.

Automatically get Geo codes for address:

You can setup Geo code clean rules in Salesforce Classic only. For more details about this click here

I have captured only the important changes on the platform. To download the full summer 16 release notes click here

If you think any important Summer 16 changes is missed, Please let me know in comment.


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