Salesforce Summer 15 – some highlighted features

Hi , Lets took at what salesforce have improved in summer 15 release. Here I will give you guys a sneak about the new features and changes in summer 15.

Lets start

1.Dataloader is now available for Mac OS X.

    Hurray !!! yessmiley, To download the Mac version, from Setup, click Data Management > Data Loader.
    Click Download the Data Loader for Mac.

2.Customize Visualforce Error Pages For Authenticated community Users

    You can use custom Visualforce error pages for authenticated users instead of the default Visualforce error pages.
    In Community Management, select Administration > Preferences, and then select Use custom Visualforce error
    pages. Then in Administration > Pages, click Go to to specify your custom page.


3.New Apex Method for Creating Community Users




    Now we can add notes from Notes & Attachment. This is the enhanced version of notes.

5.Login Access Policy Changed

   The Administrators Can Log in as Any User setting on the Setup > Security Controls > Login Access Policies page is available by default. Previously, this option was only available when organizations explicitly requested it from Salesforce. Then  administrator can login as any user without asking end users to grant access.


6.Immediately Delete a Process

    After you deactivate a process, you no longer have to wait 12 hours before you delete it.

    Now you can delete a process, as long as it:

  1.         Isn’t active
  2.         Doesn’t have any pending scheduled actions


7.Update Fields Using Formulas and Date Functions in Process 

   When your process updates fields, you can now use formulas and date functions as the value.


8.Comply with Data Protection Requirements Using Platform Encryption

   Platform Encryption encrypts sensitive data for compliance with common regulatory requirements.

You can encrypt the below things.

  1.         Encrypt files and attachments.
  2.         Encrypt certain standard and custom fields.
  3.         Use an advanced key management system.

9.Test Your My Domain Login Page Settings Before You Deploy the Domain to All Users

Now, you can set up a new domain and test the login page settings without deploying the domain to all users.


10.Reduced Access for Apex Classes Using with sharing Keyword

Apex classes defined with the with sharing keyword no longer have unfiltered access to the User object if it’s set to private by the organization’s sharing rules.


11.Iteration Order for Maps and Sets Is Now Predictable

  The order of elements in unordered collections (Map and Set) is now the same each time your code is run.


12.New Code Coverage Calculation for Multi line Statements

Code coverage has changed for statements that are written on multiple lines. Each line that contains an expression is now included in the code coverage calculation for covered and uncovered code. Previously, a multi line statement was calculated as one line of code in code coverage. This change affects all API versions.


To download the summer 15 release notes please click here
To view the Salesforce preview video click here


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