Salesforce certified Administrator

Happy New Year laugh ladies and gentlemen. 

2016 starts with a very good ambience.

I have completed my Administrator certification (201). I know this is not a huge achievement but a good kick start to begin this year.


The preparation does not cost me so much time (I think my experience helps me a lot...).But anyway I will walk you through what are the topics to concentrate in order to crack this certification.

Always go through the study guide of the certification. It will give you a good idea of what are topics to cover. Download it from this link.

  1. Company profile - Go through the company profile in setup and get to know all the available options in it.
  2. User setup - know how to create a user and debug their issues like, giving access to a record or resetting their password etc...
  3. Concentrate on Reports and Dashboards. Refer this workbook.
  4. Workflow automation - Know all the options available in workflow and process builder.
  5. Data management - Get to know how to import and export data using various tools.
  6. Sales and Service cloud - A decent knowledge about what are the features and how they work will be good.
  7. Giving access to a record - Organization wide defaults , Profiles , field level security and Sharing settings.

Hope this will help you guys.

Have a good day smiley yes .

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