Saleforce lightning an Intoduction

Lets get to know some lightning feature that salesforce has pushed it in Spring 15 relaese. 



Lightning has Four major features

  1. Lightning Connect.
  2. Lightning Process Builder.
  3. Lightning Components.
  4. Lightning App Builder.


Lightning Connect

Used to connect salesforce with other platform easily (Surely will write a post about deep dive in connect in near future) with just some couple of clicks.The important feature is salesforce now concerns about clients data privacy which seriously affects financial industry getting into salesforce. Salesforce copies only the metadata from the client system which you are integrating with. So your data resides only in your system. For example if you are connecting a Oracle system with salesforce, the table structure in the oracle only is copied and not your data in the table. 

Lightning Process Builder

You can say Lightning Process Builder is an extension of workflow. Now you replace your little coding to create and update related records using the process builder. There are so much to cover in Lightning Process Builder this is just an intro .

Lightning Components

This where developer can have some adrenaline flow. Lightning Components are using Aura framework for its UI and has client side javascript controllers . Surely there will be some learning process for developers like me who are completely started their carrier with salesforce. Java developers can easily get to know the system. Does Apex have a role in lightning ??? YES . Lightning Components use apex controllers in server side to fetch and handle data from salesforce. Lightning Components are currently in beta state. 

Lightning App Builder

This tools helps us to create apps using a drag and drop interface . You can view how your app’s UI looks in mobile and tablet currently . Wearable devices like watch will come in near future. App builder is currently in Pilot phase. I do not have hands on experience with app builder . Waiting to play around with it.

If you want to learn more about lightning play this TrialHead .

Guys this is just an intro post surely you can see some post on deep dive in every topic. Have a Good Day ahead guys laugh

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