Redirecting to standard New,Edit,View and clone without removing override

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I hope this post will save some time for Developers and Admins . The title may sound complex but its as simple as eating a chocolate. Most of the Salesforce geekys know Salesforce actions like creating new record,editing a record and cloning etc are based on URL and component Id.

Lets take Account object. I have to overrode the account view with 'AccountView' visualforce page.

To override the account view follow the below steps.

1. Go to setup.
2. Under App setup expand the Customize.
3. Expand the account
4. Click buttons,links and Actions.
5. Click edit beside the 'Edit' label.
6. In override with select Visualforce page and in the drop down select 'AccountView'.
7. Click save and your page should look like below image


AccountView page source:

<apex:page standardController="Account">
 <apex:form >
     <apex:detail relatedList="false" title="true"/>

Now if I try to open a account record it will open in a Visualforce page. AccountView Visualforce page will not display the related list but if you want to display the related list with respect to the account record but you don't want to add it on the 'AccountView' visualforce page. How can you achieve this without removing the override of the account view.


Form the above image I took the below URL. You should take it from your org.

Replace the id '0019000000Kv3ui' with your account id and paste the URL  in browser and press enter. Once you have entered this. It will take you to the account standard view. This is for view.

Modify the above URL as below for standard view


For Edit modify the URL like this


For Clone modify the URL like this


For New modify the URL like this

'001' is object id, to get the object id refer this link.


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