Process Builder - Process can execute Actions on more than one criteria

If you have read the Summer 16 Salesforce release features you might aware of this feature. To view our Summer 16 highlighted feature click here. In this blog I am going to explain how to make the process(Process builder) to execute the criteria more than once.

When should I use this option?

Assume we have a Field1 & Field2. I have to check Field1 with some condition and  we will update Field2. Now we need check Fields2 and fire another action(Email alert).

Before Summer 16 release to achieve this in Process we have to create 2 Process. One condition to be on Field1 and another condition condition to be on Field2. Now we no need to worry we can achieve this with single process.

Use case:

Create a object called  'Expense' and the fields are as follow as.

1. Name - Auto number

2.Amount - Currency

3. Level - Picklist (Low, Medium, High)

4. User - Lookup to user.

5.Note - Text area

Let say If amount greater £5000 then 'Level' should be updated with 'High', don't worry about 'Low' and 'Medium' values.Once the Level is updated as 'High' it should send an email to 'Head of Finance'(a user).Before this feature we achieve this by creating two Process but no need from now.


1.Go Setup--> Create --> Workflows & Approvals --> Process Builder . Now you are in process builder page and from here you can able to create a process.

2. Click 'New' on top right corner and enter the 'Process name' as 'Expense process' as shown in below image.

3. Click on 'Add Object' in the process and select 'Expense' object and leave the remaining setup as it is.

4. Click on 'Add criteria' in the Process and enter the 'Criteria name' as 'Update Level' and in the 'Set Condition' choose the amount filed and fill the values as shown in the below image and click save.

5. Click on Immediate action next to the 'Add Criteria' box and enter the details as shown in below image.  When you click on the 'Record Type' you will get a popup to select which record should be updated. In that select 'Select the Expense__c record that started your process' option and click save.

6. Now click on 'Add Criteria' below the 'Update Level' fill the values as shown in the below image.

7. Click 'Add Action' and enter the details as shown in below image and click save.

We are defined all the action, In the First action We have defined to Update the Level field to 'High' and in the second action in the second criteria we defined to send email the Head of Finance.

Now we are going to define once the first criteria actions are executed don't stop the process instead continue the next criteria to do that Click the 'Stop' box highlighted in the below image.

By default 'Stop the process is selected',  you have change it to 'Evaluate the next criteria' and click save to execute the next criteria which is nothing but to send an email to head of finance. Your final detail page of process will look like below image.

Great! we are done with the process creation, if you go and create a expense record with amount more than £5000 the it will update the Level to High and it will send an email to Head of Finance. We have achieved this with single process.

Hope everybody understand this if you have any question post it in the comment.

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