Process Builder Introduction

In this post and the upcoming series of this post I am going explain deep dive of the Process builder. So, subscribe the ForceWizard for the regular update. The process builder is the next generation of workflow tool introduced in Spring'15. Let go through the basic concept. 

What is Process builder

Its helps you to automate your businesses process like sending an email, Crating a task, updating the records etc. and also you can view the visual representation of your process.


List of actions

Below is the list of action which can be performed in the process builder

  1. Apex
  2. Create a Record
  3. Email Alert
  4. Flow
  5. Post to Chatter
  6. Quick Actions
  7. Submit for Approval
  8. Update a Records

Difference between process builder and workflow

Process builder support all the feature of workflow along with that its support some additional feature which is listed below.

  1. Create a record
  2. Update any related records
  3. Use a quick action to create a record, update a record, or log a call
  4. Launch a flow—as an immediate or a scheduled action
  5. Post to Chatter
  6. Submit for approval
  7. Call an apex code

It will also give you the visual representation of the process which we are created. After few release I hope Salesforce will not give the support for worflow and it will force us to use process builder.

I hope you understand the basic of process builder. In the next series I will explain you the each actions in detail.

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