Geo codes in salesforce

Getting Geocode information in salesforce is made easy using clean rules in service.

By default, Salesforce provides clean rules for Account, Contact and Lead object.

Let's see how we can make use of this feature.

Activate clean rule

The first thing we want to do is activate clean rule for the respective object. In our case, we will activate for the Account object.

Go Setup --> Administration --> Clean --> Clean Rules.

Add Clean This Record with related list to page layout

You can add the 'Clean This Record with' related list to account page. This action is not needed in lightning experience as it is available by default in the action menu.

All the required actions are done. Now it's time to test.

Create an Account record

Now create an account with Billing address.


After the account is created. Check the information in BillingLatitude, BillingLongitude and BillingGeocodeAccuracy fields. The information should be automatically populated.

You can check the status of the data clean in the related list.

Let me know your thoughts in comments. Have a Great day !!!laugh

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