Filters Feature - Salesforce Release Notes

If you are a Administrator or Consultant then this post will be helpful for you.  I hope everyone reading the Salesforce release notes(not from PDF) then you might be noticed 'Show Filters' in the top right hand side HTML release note. Lets go through this feature and its use in detail.



For example you are working for a client and the client is using the Enterprise edition. You need to inform the client what are all the feature automatically enabled by Salesforce after this Winter 17 release.  You can achieve by using this Filters.To view those features, click Show Filters. Once you clicked you will get the below screen.



In that screen you have three options to select those are

1. Edition

2. Feature Impact

  1. Enabled for admins/devs
  2. Admin must enable
  3. Enabled for users
  4. Contact Salesforce to enable

3. Product Area.

Once you filled this options you can see the only the list of features based on your filters.

This is very short blog but I hope this will very useful for you. Let me know your suggestions and questions in comment section.

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