Enabling new salesforce Lightning experience

Welcome to new world of Lightning! Hope you all are aware that from Winter'16, Salesforce introduced new UI(User interface) and UX(User experience) for Force.com platform which is lightning experience(Beta version). This future is completely with your control. If you want you can enable the lightning experience or you can use the Saleforce standard UI which 'Salesforce classic'.

Now you might have question,how to enable this future? To enable the lightning experience follow the below steps.
1. Go Setup.
2. Click on 'Lightning Experience' from setup menu.

Bottom of this page there is a section called 'Enable the New Salesforce Experience' in that section you will have option to enable the
Lightning experience. Click enable.Once you click enable you will get a popup window called 'Switch to Lightning Experience' in that
popup click 'Continue to Lightning Experience' button because we want to use lightning experience.Woow now the Lightning experience is enabled in your org.

To grant Lightning experience to the user you need to enable 'Lightning Experience User' permission on his profile.Once you enabled and when he login in he will go the new Lightning experience Force.com platform. Below is the new lightning experience home page view.




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