Custom Metadata Type - An introduction

Custom Metadata Types going to, or released in winter 16 according to time you are reading this post.

In Summer'15 Salesforce released Custom metadata type only with the API support which mean you can create,edit, and delete records only with the help of API call.From Winter'16 we are getting this feature like a custom setting.

Define Custom metadata types:

Custom metadata is customizable, deployable, packageable, and upgradeable application metadata.Which means you can package your custom metadata records and you can install in the subscriber organization.Even you can upgrade the records.

Advantage of using Custom metadata types:

Every body knows about custom setting but if you move(by changeset) a custom setting from one org(Sandbox) to another org(production) only custom setting object will be moved but not the records. So you have to move the custom setting records manually.If you have more custom setting values then its hard to move. To overcome this now we can use the 'Custom metadata types'. Its a nice feature right?

Creating Custom metadata type object and records:

In the following example lets create a custom metadata type called 'Control panel' with a custom field called 'isActive'.

To create a custom metadata type object follow the below navigation.

Setup-->Develop-->Custom metadata type--> click New Custom Metadata type.

Its like creating a object, Fill in the details and click save.

In order to create custom fields click 'New' from the custom fields related list. Enter the details and click save.

Now we have created custom metadata type object and an associated custom fields.To create a custom metadata type records click 'Manage Control panel' button on the detail page and then click 'New' button.

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