Change set hack to add custom fields in one shot

Greetings Reader,

This post is for the naive users who are having difficult to add custom fields to changeset.

If you are already an expert, this post may not entertain you as you might already aware of this idea.

Changeset are the most common way of deploying your changes from the sandbox to your production ORG. So if your are using this way, you are aware that deploying custom fields are a hectic process, especially when you need to scroll through a large list of custom fields.

Do not worry !! Here is a shortcut you might find it useful.

Follow these steps :

1. Select Component type as "Custom Field"(or any other :-) ).

2. Scroll to end and click the "more" link once. when you do this, salesforce will add an extra parameter to the URL called as 'rowsperpage'. This is the attribute that determines the number of values to be shown for that list.

3. Now, go to URL bar on your browser, as you can see the default value will be 260. Change this to 2600 or more value (whatever number you like smiley ) and hit enter button.

4. The page will reload with all custom field now. Hit ctrl + F to open "find" in browser and enter the field label you are trying to add. you can reach the field in instant. There you go !! now you can add custom fields instantly.

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