Bangalore-Namma Lightning Week March 2015

Last week on 14/03/2015, I went to Bangalore developer meetup called Namma Lightning Week, with my colleague Monish. We reached Tavant technologies at 1.30 PM half an hour before the event starts. The event was hosted in Tavant. The event got 500+ registration and 350+ attendees.First time on the registration the developer group was using a registration app.That app was developed by Tavant So, thanks. After the registration we got one Lightning T-shirt, a notebook and a 8GB pendrive.




    Tavant has started the event at 2.20PM by 20 minutes late with their small introduction. The Lighting presentation was started at 2.30PM by Pratik Munot and Naga Kiran Mnayala with their PPT. They covered the below topics with brief explanation except the Lightning Components because there were code involves in the Lightning development.So, they avoided because they were thinking to create another meetup to deep dive into this Lightning component.

     Topics are:

     1. Lightning Connect.

     2. Lightning Process Builder.

     3. Lightning Components.

     4. Lightning App Builder.

      After short break with Coke the next hands on session was started and that was really helped the attendees. For this they have created small Expense app and they shown demo to us.But there where people really stuck with their slow internet connection.We had not taken laptop.

      Final session was cloud trivia where the Organizer asked technical question about the session. Many of them answered the question and they got their goodies.They ordered less no of pizza So, I didn't get one like many others.

       According to me the session was really good I learned the Lightning basic I just need to learn the Lightning component even I can learn this in the next meetup if they conduct deep dive as mentioned earlier. I feel only one thing is missing in the meetup and that was socialization. Because I have attended two Bristol meetup when I was in Bristol. In those meetup I really spoke with all the attendees who attended the meetup. But here when I tire to speak with others they didn't shown their interest in speaking with others except their colleague.This need to be changed. We are attending this meetup not only to gather knowledge but also some socialization.

       Here I am sharing some resource link. You can find this even in the meetup page.







Thanks!! for joining with me.     

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