Bangalore Lightning Developer Meet up March 2015

Yesteday went to Salesforce Lightning Developer meet organised by Bangalore Salesforce Developer Group. The venue was at Tavant technologies . Getting to venue from my place was a unquie experience with my colleague .There are multiple branches they have near by so we got confused and finally reached the correct venue.



The event was scheuled from 2.00 PM  - 6.00 PM (14-03-2015). We reached by 1.30 PM there. They have created a registration app which was cool that was first time in Salesforce dev meet that a developer community has automated the registration process . Salesforce gave one lighting T-shirt and a lightning sticker , Tavant gave a notbook , pen and 8 GB pendrive which was un-expected. Bangalore has the worlds largest salesforce developer community and nearly 550 people were registered for the event and 350+ attended it . This is the largest meet up salesforce seen in its develoepr meet up history :) . Cheers bangalore !!! we had created mutliple records in one shot.


Then me and my colleague waited for the event to begin before that we had some socialization with other developers then finally the event started on 2.20 PM . A short intro from the host company Tavant and lightning host Pratik M. Munot started the Lightning Intro clean and sleak with their PPT. And there comes a little refreshment a sip of coke (my fav ) .

The following topics are covered during the discussion,

Lightning Connect.

Lightning Process Builder.

Lightning Components.

Lightning App Builder.

Then they shown a simple expense app using lightining. Which was cool beacause really you can create apps in lightning speed and push it to production at lightning speed. And here comes the intresting part Hand on !!! Which was really cool most of them are getting irritated with their internet connection . We had not taken laptop so no worries :P . Hands on went well and uselful for the newbies in lightning . I already went through lighitning completely beacuse there are some lightning projects are in the queue in my work :) and i am really excited to play around with it . The hands on is familar to me and i helped couple of devs with their doubts .

Then they had cloud trivia where questions where they ask technical questions about the session and the prizes are Lightning T-Shirt and Lightning hoodies . I was Lucky and i got one T-Shirt :)  Which was still in customs in bangalore airport  :( ... . After the event was over they have ordered some pizzas from Dominos and pizza hut . But i missed it :( because i was busy with my socialzation with other developers.

In a word the meet up was AWESOME

Only con i felt is people are less social than i expected :’(  it has nothing to do with the event but it will be more fun if people are more social . Next time if guys are there in meet up get to know the people from other company , know their work culture , their work experience and their way of development. It helps both of them to have some fun and technical knowledge. 

I shared some resource links they have shared during the meet up. I dont know weather they have taken these links down when you read this post.

Spring 15 dev org with some packages installed for workouts.

Lightning connect tutorial.

Lightning Process Builder tutorial.

Meet up PPT.

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