Announcing New Architect Exams by Salesforce

I am still Learning by Michelangelo at age 87.

If you are interested in learning then you love working on the constantly updating Salesforce platform.

In Salesforce there is a certification called 'Architect' for developer. This Architect certification is a 'Technical Architect' certification. Along with this in early 2016 Salesforce is going to launch one new architect certification called 'Domain Specialist'. Apart from this in future they are going to introduce new certification called 'Domain Architect'. But the details of the Domain Architect is not yet published so, in this post lets have a look at domain specialist certification.

Domain Specialist:

Salesforce Certified Domain Specialists are recognized for their knowledge and expertise on particular domains within the below list.

1. Development Lifecycle and Deployment
2. Application Architecture
3. Apex and Visualforce
4. Sharing and Visibility
5. Integration
6. Data Architecture and Management
7. Identity and Access Management
8. Mobile Strategy    
9. Communities


Pursuing a Domain Specialist certification begins with a subscription to one of the nine Domain Specialist catalogs. Each of this categories are explained briefly in the below  link.

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