About Salesforce Shield

Internet was one of the common thing to share the information. But its expanded to e-commerce and enterprise Software.
And now its cloud.When its come to Cloud most of the industries like  Finance, Health care etc.

Trust service from Salesforce:
Salesforce is giving the basic trust feature for all their customer. Those feature are
1.IP login restrictions
2.Login history
3.Fine-grained sharing
4.Setup audit trail

Few regulated industries have compliance requirements that go beyond. To Satisfy this clients beyond the basic service
Salesforce introduced 'Salesofrce shield'.Salesforce Shield includes three core services those are as follow as

Event Monitoring:Customer can easily see what data are accessed by which user and from which  IP address and what actions
are being taken in regards to that data.Customer can track when someone prints a page or list view, edits a record or creates one,
changes ownership, refreshes a list, or even when a user exports account data.

Field Audit Trail: Customer can see the data value change on each record in time.Customer  can expand 10 years of audit
trail data for up to 60 fields per object.This data's are stored in big data.

Platform Encryption: Customer can encrypt sensitive data. This data is encrypted at meta data layer in the database.Platform
Encryption is built natively into the platform and can be set up in just a few minutes.

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