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Apex Exception Email to defined user

Apex Exception Email is going to, or released in winter 16 according to time you are reading this post.

What is Apex Exception Email:
    Before winter'16 when an Apex code encounters unhandled exception it sends the exception email to LastmodifiedBy user email address of the class or trigger.But now we can specify which user should receive the exception email.

Standard fields (system fields) in custom object

In Salesforce Custom object plays a major role in Salesforce based applications.

We can say it is the root of customization in Salesforce which enables you achieve your custom business needs.

But the question here is what are fields Salesforce creates when we create a custom object which helps in tracking the information like who modified it last ,  owner info , last edited date etc...

Compound condition in visualforce

As a Salesforce developer most of the times we have encountered with rendering a block or field based on a compound condition ie., rendering a field or block based on values in different controller variables. 

This little snippet will tell you how to add a compound (multiple ) condition in a Visualforce page.


URL Hack - Prepopulate Lookup Fields From Parent Data

Greetings Reader, laugh

In this post I will show you how to pre-populate data from the parent record when a child record is created from the related list. Some Geeky people may have already know this, but this is for Newbie people in Salesforce. So, Let's Started.

I will break the work into following parts:

1. Creating Field on Child Object.

2. Creating a Custom List Button.

3. Adding Custom Button  to the Parent Page Layout Related List.

Order of Execution in Salesforce

Hi Folks,

Very happy to meet you all with this useful info. If you are fresh to Salesforce, this post is for you guys. If you are well-versed in Salesforce, this post will helps you to refresh the things which you already know :P

Here, I am going to share about Order of Execution in Salesforce. When we create/update a record, so many actions will take part of it. Lets list out the executions in order.

1) Loads the original record from DB(update) or initialize the record (Insert).

Cloud Service Models

A cloud service is any resource that is provided over the Internet to customers.Different models cater to different kinds of requirements, and can achieve different business objectives. A simple search and you may find internet hits with number of cloud services over the internet which is help customer to accomplish their need very efficiently.

There are three basic kinds of cloud service models.They are,