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Navigating to different Lightning component

I hope you all had a wonderful Republic day celebration. As you all know one year back Salesforce introduced new way of developing mobile app with lightning component framework. First let me explain what is lightning component framework. The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing a dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices and It’s a modern framework for building single-page applications. In this blog I am going to explain the client side controller method of navigating from one component to another component. Let gets started.


Rollup summary using Process builder and Flow

Rollup summary field is an interesting custom field data type in salesforce. This will work when two objects have Master-Detail relationship but not for lookup relationship. Here I am going to explain a way to have rollup for lookup relationship.

Use case:

Rollup summary fields for lookup relationship.


Using Flow and Process Builder we can do Rollup summary fields (Sum,Count,Max,Min) on object which is parent of lookup relationship.

About Apex Sharing Reason

Apex sharing reason is used to identify, why the record are shared with the user. If a developer is doing any operation on that record sharing then he can able identify in which sharing records he needs to do the operation. Its especially for managing a record sharing through apex code.Lets go through this with some example.

Records level access:

Sharing a record through Apex code

In Force.com platform there are different level to control the access of the data. In this blog I will explain you how extend the records access(Sharing the record) to users or group through apex code.

1. Create an object called 'Expense' with all the default settings.

2. Create a custom object tab for Expense object.

3. Make the 'Expense' object as private in the security control under the setup area.

About Salesforce Shield

Internet was one of the common thing to share the information. But its expanded to e-commerce and enterprise Software.
And now its cloud.When its come to Cloud most of the industries like  Finance, Health care etc.

Trust service from Salesforce:
Salesforce is giving the basic trust feature for all their customer. Those feature are
1.IP login restrictions
2.Login history
3.Fine-grained sharing
4.Setup audit trail

Attachments in Salesforce

Salesforce attachment represents a file that a User has uploaded and attached to a parent standard or custom object record.

If the user has create permission on a parent object, then only he/she can able to attach an attachment to the parent object.

Attachment can support following calls :

create(), delete(), describeSObjects(), getDeleted(), getUpdated(), query(), retrieve(), search(),undelete(), update(), upsert()

Power your sales using lightning experience

The love of winter 16 is not only for Developers and Administrators.

Salesforce has given a whole new elegant interface called Lightning experience. Which provides optimised user interface  for sales reps.

This interface helps sales reps to work more naturally and helps to close more deals faster.

Let have a look at some of the key features of lightning experience.

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