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Salesforce platform events

Salesforce platform events are based on event-driven software architecture. Platform events are cloud message platform where you can publish and subscribe to an event. 

The publisher and subscriber can be a Salesforce app, external app, apex code, process builder or a flow.

Adding Lightning design system to visualforce page

Migrating visualforce page to lightning experience is more common nowadays. Not only new changes are created using the lightning design system in visualforce page but converting the legacy visualforce page to new lightning design system is mandatory when you work with lightning experience. 

An easy way to add lightning design system to your visualforce page is by adding the <apex:slds> tag in your visualforce page. Make sure you have made the standardStylesheets="false", so that both the style system wont conflict.

Test class for batch apex

Batch apex is always in rescue whenever you need to process a huge chunk of data.

Consider the following batch apex. 

The business functionality it achieves is.

Check for a change in a custom field called keywords__c in Account object and Insert that topic into a community.

About Global picklist

This Global picklist is available in all the edition from Spring 16 release. I hope most of them aware of it if not here you go.

What is Global picklist?

You can say Gobal picklist as 'Universal picklist values' because you will create a picklist values in one place(Global picklist) and you can use those values while creating custom picklist field in different objects.

Geo codes in salesforce

Getting Geocode information in salesforce is made easy using clean rules in Data.com service.

By default, Salesforce provides clean rules for Account, Contact and Lead object.

Let's see how we can make use of this feature.

Activate clean rule

The first thing we want to do is activate clean rule for the respective object. In our case, we will activate for the Account object.

Go Setup --> Data.com Administration --> Clean --> Clean Rules.

Profile mass edit

As a Salesforce Admin, We always came across a situation to edit multiple profiles to give permission to objects or system permission. Editing the profile one by one is a time-consuming work. But we can edit up to 200 profiles using enhanced profile list view without going to each profile.

You need the following permissions to do it.

  1. Manage profiles and permission set.
  2. Customize application.

Go to Setup --> User interface.