What is Chatter?

What is Chatter?


 Chatter is a brand-new way to collaborate at work. Because status information about people and important projects is automatically pushed to users, Chatter makes it easy connect with the people and information they care about most.


  1. Chatter will help them collaborate on deals and projects. Because it automatically pushes updates to users, they’ll always know what's happening with important deals, projects, and information
  2. At the heart of Chatter is a feed with all of the things you choose to follow, like people, groups, accounts, and opportunities.


Desktop Chatter


To collaborate with our company people we can't always keep our login in our force.com org ,to avoid this the Salesforce provide good feature is desktop chatter .Once you installed in  yours Desktop you will get the immediate update.


To install chatter login into your force.com Org.


       Click -->Your Name-->Setup-->Desktop Integration-->Select Chatter Desktop.


Now you can see the Download Image click on the image to download the exc file,using this file you can install in your desktop. 

Mobile Chatter


Quickly look up contact info,Never have trouble getting in touch with a co-worker again. Chatter Mobile gives you the option to call, email, or text colleagues right from your mobile device through the profile record.  

To Download Mobile Chatter click here

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